This page provides information on the Inclusion priority theme.

Why financial inclusion is important

Whatever the cause (for example, income or geography) a lack of financial inclusion can lead to consumers:

  • having less access to safe financial products
  • having restricted access to banking and insurance services
  • being susceptible to harmful conduct such as irresponsible lenders, pyramid schemes and scams.

There are a number of work streams already underway within government to tackle different issues related to financial inclusion and engaging with consumers in hard to reach communities.

It is important for CoFR members to collaborate on these issues, as well as to connect with other initiatives relating to financial inclusion and financial education.

Current work

This priority theme anticipates and prioritises the areas where CoFR agencies can collectively have the most significant impact on improving the financial inclusion, and consumer engagement, of New Zealanders.

Most recently the CoFR agencies have agreed upon a common understanding of a vulnerable consumer.

Read our consumer vulnerability framework

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